How I brought down production

I figured every SRE / Systems / DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer brings down production system some time or the other. So did I, that too on a monday morning at 11:00 am. I think this might actually be the biggest highlight of my career till now. I’ve solved countless problems […]

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AWS: DynamoDB + API Gateway – The Correct Way

I went through the hard way so you don’t. This is not a tutorial but more of a post to skip all step to fetch and clean data with DynamoDB + API Gateway.Before I say anything, I want to thank aws for creating this and second scrutinize them to not […]

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SRE: What do I do?

It never occurred to me as to how I might answer this question until a new hire at work asked me the question “What do I do ?”. I was confounded because I do not have a straight forward single answer. I do a ton of stuff and wear different […]

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advertising terms

Understanding Advertising Terms

There are many advertising enthusiasts out there willing to earn from Adsense and other advertising giants. I have lots to share about my experience till now but why write just the bad? CPM: Stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. That is, the amount the advertiser is willing to pay for […]

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My journey towards becoming a Site Reliability Engineer

The famous quote “It’s always about the journey, and not the destination” sounds about right when I think of it now. As a young IT nerd like 100’s of them out there in every nation of the world, I was one of them. Not interested in playing video games but […]

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What I learned from bombing my final SRE interview at Google.

So here are some key things I learned about bombing my final round at google for an SRE. You will be judged on your competitive programming skills than your knowledge of Linux and systems. You should be able to communicate the code you have written properly to the interviewer. The […]

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