How I brought down production

I figured every SRE / Systems / DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer brings down production system some time or the other. So did I, that too on a monday morning at 11:00 am. I think this might actually be the biggest highlight of my career till now. I’ve solved countless problems […]

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AWS: DynamoDB + API Gateway – The Correct Way

I went through the hard way so you don’t. This is not a tutorial but more of a post to skip all step to fetch and clean data with DynamoDB + API Gateway.Before I say anything, I want to thank aws for creating this and second scrutinize them to not […]

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SRE: What do I do?

It never occurred to me as to how I might answer this question until a new hire at work asked me the question “What do I do ?”. I was confounded because I do not have a straight forward single answer. I do a ton of stuff and wear different […]

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What I learned from bombing my final SRE interview at Google.

So here are some key things I learned about bombing my final round at google for an SRE. You will be judged on your competitive programming skills than your knowledge of Linux and systems. You should be able to communicate the code you have written properly to the interviewer. The […]

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Elasticsearch basic concepts and terminology

Data in Elasticsearch is organized into indices. Each index is made up of one or more shards. A shard is a low-level worker unit that holds just a slice of all the data in the index. Each shard is an instance of a Lucene index, which you can think of as a self-contained search engine that indexes and handles queries for […]

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Public Key Cryptography Basics

Encryption is the process of taking a message and scrambling its contents so that only certain people can look at your message. Symmetric Encryption Let’s take the example of Alice and Bob. Alice has a sensitive document that she wants to share with Bob. She uses an encryption program to […]

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Docker 103: Volumes

In the first part, we took a look at basics of Docker, building, stopping and removing them. This part will consist of mainly playing with changes and handling the concepts of volumes in docker. If we have to change few lines of code or “Hello World” to “Hello Div”, we […]

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