I’ve created this page mainly for recruiters.

I’m drawn to mature, transparent organizations that prioritize work-life balance and mental well-being. Please feel free to connect me directly with hiring managers for a chat, but know that office perks don’t sway me. Red flags include timesheet-driven cultures and affiliations with military, tobacco, fossil fuels, or government intelligence—my moral compass points me elsewhere. If your culture is toxic, let’s save each other the time and heartache.

Companies I might be interested in:

  • education: e.g. Wikimedia, NPR, AMNH, NYPL, Ed-tech companies with a good social cause.
  • internet infrastructure e.g. CDNs, Github, Cloudflare, etc.
  • astrophysics and research: e.g. NASA, ESA, CSA, CERN, Planet Labs…
  • humanitarian global organizations e.g. Doctors/Reporters without Borders

I do not like (and consider red flags):

  • I’m not a fan of interviews with unprepared questioners rehashing easily Googled queries, nor do I appreciate eternal interview processes—anything over 2.5 weeks is a hard pass.
  • Can we skip the competitive programming questions; you’re looking to hire me for my expertise in building, maintaining, and securing infrastructure, not for coding acrobatics.


With experience in the field, I’m well-versed in SRE/DevOps industry standards. While stock options and bonuses are appreciated, they shouldn’t be used as a smokescreen for a below-market base salary (anything under $180k). Please be transparent about salary ranges in your job descriptions and refrain from lowballing post-interview; let’s respect each other’s time and expertise.