Hey! I’m Div, an ASCAN aspirant currently residing in the tri-state area.

During the day, I work as an SRE to build, uphold & defend a part of the Internet Infrastructure.
In the evenings, I study, and research medicine.
Otherwise, I’m training to endure space exploration.

Why Space?

Space beckons us to dream, serving as a rare force that unites humanity. In pursuing this grand expanse, I hope to push the boundaries of human knowledge and seek the meaning of our rightful place in the vast cosmos. This goal steers me towards a disciplined and meaningful life—a life that inspires me daily to evolve into the best version of myself. I cherish this journey, hopeful that our collective efforts will craft a brighter world for future generations, far surpassing the one we inhabit today. In all these pursuits, I hope, train & aim to join the future & upcoming generation of ASCANs.

Triaging a patient in zero gravity.

Page me once, shame on you.
Page me twice, shame on me.
Page me thrice, it’s gonna be a long night.


2023 – ?


MS – CyberSecurity
2017 – 2018


Computer Engineering
2012 – 2016

Achievements / Awards

  • MIT – Hack Medicine | Nov 16 – 18
  • Stanford University – Health++ | Nov 2-3 | 2018
  • ICIMS Hackathon – Bell Lab 2018 | Winner
  • HealthTech Hackathon 2018 | Winner
  • John Hopkins University Hackathon | 2018
  • Social Good Hackathon 2018 | Winner
  • Princeton University Hackathon | Winner (Best Hack for Social Good) | March 30 – April 1 2018
  • New York University Global Hackathon | Winner (Assistive Technology) | March 23 – 25 2018
  • Stony Brook IOT Hackathon | Winner | Feb 16-18 2018
  • CTF Hacking Competition at Stony Brook | Winner | Feb 16-18 2018
  • Altice USA and Infosys Innovation Hackathon | 3rd Place | Nov 15 2017
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology Hackathon (Hack NJIT) | Nov 11-12 2017
  • Boston University Hackathon (Boston Hacks) | Oct 28-29 2017
  • Digital Healthcare Hackathon (Stevens) | Oct 6-8 2017
  • IDEA EXPO • A Platform for Idea Presentations | Winner | 2015
  • National Level Technical Paper Presentation (Ethical Hacking) | Winner | 2013

During my childhood, I had a genuine fondness for assisting others in resolving their tech issues. Although some perceived me as altruistic, I must admit there was a degree of self-interest involved in these acts. Each time I helped someone with their problems, I found myself constantly learning something new.

Being successful at almost anything means having a passion for it. If you see somebody with even reasonable intelligence and a terrific passion for what they do and who can get people around them to march even when they can’t see over the top of the next hill, things are going to happen.

Current & Past Organizations

Dotdash - Wikipedia
CB Insights (@CBinsights) | Twitter
Parlons peu…Parlons Cloud ! - Thursday 21 september 2017 | Blog KissLabs