I create Websites & Website Designing has been a hobby since I was a kid.
If you have stumbled here, you are probably looking to create a website for yourself.

There are three things mainly in site building.
Assuming you are not much into technology.

1] Hosting your site (The place where your site is hosted)
Consider this a lot you buy to build your home.

For hosting I suggest hostgator.com
You can check the plans here: https://www.hostgator.com/web-hosting
The plans are cheap for hosting a single site.

If you don’t want to buy a hosting, I own a business plan server where I host all my client’s websites all in one place.
It will cost you around 2-3$/mo. (You would pay that amount to me & not Hostgator.com)
Sometimes it is better to have your own hosting so that you have full control over your site.

2] A Domain (the name you give your site)
A name you give your home. ( www.mywebsitename.com )

For Domain, please look at www.name.com
Just type the name you want in their search bar and it will give you all the details.

3] Site Building (My job, where I build the site)
Where you actually build your home from scratch using wood, painting, furniture etc.

And my job is to actually build the entire thing.

All projects I include:
Building the site
Seo (search engine optimization) (where I bring your site on google) | Free with the professional plan
Security (so that no hacker breaks or hacks your website) | Free with the professional plan

Some project (For Websites) include:
http://codenza.us : 10,000+ Visitors every month
http://thetechiesguide.com: 1000 Visitors every month
http://hemantmore.org: 25000+ Visitors every month
http://hemantmore.org.in: 75000+ Visitors every month


The cost of building a website varies depending on the type of sites I design.

A one-page site: 250$

A website with pages & content.
Cost you 500$

A completely professional looking website.
It will cost you 1000$

If it is a large-scale project, the cost depends on the type of project I create.

2 months of editing work is completely free.
(After I build the entire site, you can tell me what small changes you need and I will do it instantly)

After 2 months, It will cost you 50$ for every change.
(That doesn’t mean if some image is not seen properly, I will charge you 50$)
Just make a list of all the changes you want on your and send it in one go.


Note: All themes are different for each site, but I’m confident that I can create a great site for your needs. All payments are taken in a Wire Transfer or Cash.