I’ve asked myself this question countless times, “When does hacking become okay” Good and Evil. Sometimes the delineation between the two is a sharp line, sometimes its a blur. Black hat hackers know exactly what they are doing. They know the risks involved, they understand the outcomes and although most of them are not mentally ready to go to face charges, they do it anyway. So what makes them stoic and dangerous personalities? Are they not human? Do they not fear anything?

For a while, I have always been confounded and questioned my own morals over this dilemma. Is it okay to use the knowledge I learned and gained for the greater good by doing something bad? Is it okay to die as a hero but act as a villain? Well, the answer has always been… “It depends.”

Everything is so easy to say that “It depends”.

One of my mentors and professor, a senior security architect of yahoo taught me and my classmates CS 615, A course on system administration. A whole lecture was dedicated to ethics and wrongdoings in technology. Everything from hacking social media accounts to whistleblowing and Edward Joseph Snowden was covered. I was more confused after that lecture than ever.

Like what does a person with the knowledge/skillset/power do to make things right in this world? What do you do when a woman knocks on your door and breaks down crying that her photos and videos have been leaked on a website or someone is blackmailing her for the same. Is it okay to do something bad for something good? Or just because you pledged to not do something unethical makes it wrong to do it in the first place.

I’ve seen folks making fun of Snowden at conferences for whistleblowing. And the problem was, everyone joined in the merry mockery of him. Like what tf did you do? You get paid 10 grand for your talk. Give a decent talk and get the fuck out of the stage. You have kids, wife, family. You didn’t have the balls to carry it out even when u knew it. The rest of his teammates didn’t. He did. So STAPH and don’t act like you know your shit. You don’t. You don’t even make the same amount he was making at NSA. You are just a piss poor human needing attention from people who are a bit similar to you. You will go home on the same train as the rest of the audience.

I guess I will never know for sure.

But when the day comes that the law doesn’t work, the people who are in charge of making sure something bad doesn’t happen, let it happen, and when a person is pushed to drop all of his ethics, morals, and principles to do something wrong for the right reason, that’s the day fear and rage show its true face. Because if and when the day comes, that person will not fear death. You won’t be able to break him/her. The person will obliterate everyone and everything in his/her way to get it done.