Why I Love and go to Hackathons?

Hackathons are about teamwork, patience, sleepless days/nights, learning, experience, ideas.

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HealthTech  Hackathon | Winner | Oct 2018

I really should update this.

Social Good Hackathon | Winner | Aug 2018

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Princeton University Hackathon | Winner | March 30 – April 1

Road Rash: An IOT project to avoid accidents of self-driving cars.
Built with cheap tech such as RPI’s, different cameras and infrared sensors, this product aims to reduce the deaths and accidents happening on roads and highways due to negligence or unavoidable circumstances even before they occur.

New York University Global Hackathon | Winner | March 23-25

An app to help the visually impaired/blind to buy food without touching or asking anyone.
Used tensorflow, GCP & Google translate API & Android for the entire project.
Read more here: http://archive.engineering.nyu.edu/news/2018/04/06/building-tech-social-good-hacknyu-2018

Received a small grant to attend Pycon | May 9-17

One of the worlds biggest python programmer gathering and conference on the planet.

Stony Brook IOT Hackathon | Winner | Feb 16-18

Created a low-product to detect Parkinson’s disease.
Created an RPi Cluster to detect early signs of Parkinson’s disease in a Cost-Effective Way.
Cluster > Share Resource > Data > Clean > mpi4py > Trained SVC > scikit-learn > cherrypy > Detection.


CTF Hacking Competition at Stony Brook | Winner | Feb 16-18

Hack into the server and you get points on every stage.


Altice USA and Infosys Innovation Hackathon |3rd Place | Nov 15

Devised an algorithm & methodology to help companies reduce server & bandwidth charges
Utilized the Handbrake video compression library for high-quality videos with an efficiency of 40%

New Jersey Institute of Technology Hackathon (Hack NJIT) | Nov 11-12

Crafted an algorithm to facilitate an efficient way to connect generous donors with patients in dire need of immediate funds.
Technologies Used: WordPress, PayPal Payment API, Android Studio, Java

Boston University Hackathon (Boston Hacks) | Oct 28-29

Formulated a web-based interface & app for doctors to map & monitor patient’s health in real-time
Enabling doctors to prescribe right medications by using patient’s medical history
Technologies Used: JavaScript, Python, Rest API, Android Studio, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Digital Healthcare Hackathon (Stevens) | Oct 6-8

A chatbot for patients. (Failed miserably) lol.

India: Two prizes | 1st

  • Idea Expo: A Platform for Ideas/Project Presentation

  • National Level Technical Paper Presentation