Till now at least 100 people have asked me “Hey what do you think is the best programming languages?” Let me be clear. There is no Best programming language or any language for that matter. Every language is in their own place and they are doing just fine. There are many programming languages out there but there are some situations where just one cannot take over the other and I feel that’s fine.

I mean, Java was told to be created and developed largely because there were too many viruses being created using C & C++ due to the concept of pointers. Even though it might be true C & C++ are still used widely. Java stands on number 1 for most popular (Not used) language which is followed by C, C++ & Python. I have started liking python more now for the ease of use. It was frustrating at first for me to get out of my head with the concept of parenthesis but I feel the perfect indentation of python adds to its beauty. There is still enough time to go and many languages to learn.

I like Satya Nadella’s philosophy, either we are a Know it all person or Learn it all person. The first language I ever learned was HTML, a book brought by my mother from her friend as she thought I might learn something. It was the stepping stone to what I am now or what I will become. I bought some books of HeadFirst C & programming with python with some money I had saved. I got them on sale since it was Buy 1 get 1 free. Python was oriented towards web scraping and I didn’t understand much of it then but C was great to understand basic concepts. I then learned QBasic in 9th grade (That flowchart type language). Was introduced to C++ in the 11th & 12th grade and in the first year of Engineering, I again had to do learn C (Because of the curriculum) and Java because that’s what the university thought was important. (Yea Right)

I barely passed Java on theory and I knew it is because it has a shitty teacher who himself taught Java reading from Herbert Schildt book. Great Book though, had finished reading it long before he himself knew java. The professor had a big ego and insulted me many times but that’s not the point. I gave the Oracle Exam for Java Programmer the next year and scored 90% which was okay for me since I had to give the exam in 15 minutes. Had a date to go to (Never keep a woman waiting).

Honestly, I find SQL and databases languages boring. (IT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE). I never found it interesting or intriguing. I also did an internship in SQL & PLSQL during my vacations and I still found it boring. I am thinking of removing C++ from my resume since I’m not very good at it. Offcourse I can code in any particular programming language if given time but kinda sucks when someone asks about a particular function in an interview and you don’t know the answer.

Best Programming Languages