Divyendra Patil

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Started Coding at 9, Designed Websites at Age 12, Became familiar with servers at 14 & got indulged in cybersecurity at 17. I have been enthusiastic & fascinated about using technology to make the world a better, safer and peaceful place. Even though I am familiar with many web applications and technologies, I am in love with cybersecurity and the sense of awareness and responsibility it provides. I try to read, learn and comprehend anything and everything I can get my hands on topics related to technology.


Other than computing, I have interests in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics & Human Psychology. Over the years till now, I have faced 2 system failures where I have lost all my research data which has only made me stronger, curious and eager to do more and learn more. There is a very famous quote which states "The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know." and that has been my motivation to keep learning new things each and every day.


Master of Science in Cyber Security | GPA 3.7/4
Aug 2017 - May 2019
Favourite Course: Discrete Mathematics for Cryptography

Bachelor of Computer Engineering | GPA 7.12/10 ~ 3.6/4
Aug 2012 - May 2016
Favourite Course: Cryptography & System Security


Ultramind Technologies

Senior Developer & Tutor | Jun 2016 - Jul 2017


Developed Education of Science & Redefining Knowledge (Projects).
Also taught Programming & Mathematics.



Trivia Softwares

Database Intern | Jan 2015 - Jun 2015



Assisted development team by writing the optimized SQL & PLSQL Queries & Modifying the front end, based on new requirements.



The Techies Guide is a tech blog started to help solve basic everyday tech problems. We provide "How-To" guides, info about new tech, gadgets, games, IOS & Android.



Codenza is a Programming GuideBook & Repository for Computer Science Students to help them with the aspects of programming. Current Downloads: 2,60,000+


Education of Science is created for students of Science & Engineering who cannot afford private tuition & are welcomed here to use it and study at their own pace.



Redefining Knowledge is a Hub for articles on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Engineering, Motivation, Management, Technology, Culture and more.


Android Studio | VMware VSphere | WordPress | Google - Analytics, Webmaster & Page Speed Tools

Java | C | C++ | HTML | CSS | Server Management | SEO | CMS | SQL | PLSQL | GitHub | Kali Linux | Metasploit | Wireshark | Maltego

Ongoing Certifications: Website Hacking & Penetration Testing,
Python for Data Science, Deep Learning in Python


Awards & Activites

National Level Technical Paper Presentation: Ethical Hacking | Placed 1st | 2012

IDEA EXPO - A Platform for Idea Presentations | Placed 1st | 2015

Digital Healthcare Hackathon | Participant | 2017

Boston University Hackathon (Boston Hacks) | 2017

Hack NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology Hackathon) | 2017

Altice USA and Infosys Innovation Hackathon | 2017 | 3rd Place

Helping Visual Art & Technology Lab at Stevens Tech to build a supercomputer  | 2017

Hobbies: Blogging | Web Design | Photography | Video Editing | Volunteer Work | Soccer

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